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These are North West Crane Texas Beds. They are a great asset to any oilfield hauling Company. These trucks convert from a winch tractor to a bed truck in a matter of minutes, which allows our customers to haul oilfield equipment to location just like a regular winch tractor. Once on location this unit allows you to drop the trailer, lift the rear roll and bunks, which converts it to a bed truck allowing for the ability to safely bed load and place equipment on lease with ease.

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Is It Time for New Hydraulic Hoses?
  • Apr 20, 2022
  • Scott McDonald
Is It Time for New Hydraulic Hoses?

If you own or operate hydraulic equipment you may need to check hydraulic assemblies and components regularly. Just because a hose is not leaking or broken does not mean you should keep it in service. In fact, it is best to replace hoses and hydraulic hose accessories before they fail. Here are some helpful tips for spotting trouble before it costs you a lot of needless repair bills.


What are your hours?

We are here to meet your needs with 24-hour on-call parts and service. Please visit our contact page for locations and contact information.

Do you perform inspections?

We offer a variety of services, including inspections, emergency call-outs, full rig ups, and repairs. We understand how costly downtime can be for your company, and we strive to work quickly and efficiently to get you and your machine back in the field and back to work.

Do you provide on-site service?

We are proud to offer mobile service trucks that can come directly to you! These trucks are fully equipped to meet your needs and include capabilities to hydraulically fold up cranes, on-site welding, full mechanical inspections, and emergency call-outs. With one stationed at both of our branches, we can come wherever we are needed.