North West Pile Driver Leads & Screw Pile Attachments

Pile DriverThese leads are built out of heavy structural tubing and cross bracing for long lasting work. These leads are also completely certified and engineered in Alberta as many other pile driving leads are not. Leads are made to a length of 50 feet in order to handle 40 foot piles to be installed at location. These leads also have 1 winch installed on the leads themselves for the pile driver and also one for the pipe handling winch which eliminates the customer from installing a second winch on their crane at a high price tag.  These leads are also a free hanging leads, which means when the unit is working there is no jarring or damage to the structure of the crane which we see from other leads which are pin directly to the boom . These leads also have a hammer, which weighs approximately 5000 pounds for the easy installation of most piles in the industry. Leads come with hard piping down the lead for the hydraulic circuit for a clean maintenance free look and after there are 50 foot hose leads for the mobility of the lead when working. The control system for the lead is also custom built by North West Crane to fit whatever hydraulic circuit the initial crane was set up with saving the customer a lot of expense. These leads are also sandblasted and painted with Endura paint to finish it off.

As for the screw pile part of the jobs we have done we customize these to what the customer is looking for and what they need for capabilities. We will completely from start to finish design your hydraulic system for the screw pile and transform the initial crane into what you need to handle the screw pile itself. There is nothing we won't look at or do when it comes to this type of installation, just tell us what you require and leave the rest to us.