For over 40 years Ferrari cranes have designed and engineered articulated truck cranes, earning a unique reputation and a position of leadership in the industry. To date, Ferrari has produced over 40,000 articulating cranes, 60% of which have been exported worldwide. This achievement gives North West Crane a solid platform from which we can continue to grow.

Another advantage of Ferrari cranes is their use of standard JIC Hoses and Fittings. 

Ferrari Cranes offer four different series of cranes.  The 300 series which are typically corner mounted onto 1 ton chassis' or trailers.  The 500 series which are typically mid-mounted onto 1 ton chassis'.  The 700 series, typically mounted as smaller tractors or medium sized deck trucks & last is the 900 series, typically mounted as bigger tractor units.  The newly added 7000-9000 series are industry leading with features like the ground breaking "magic touch" feature.  Ferrari has really set the bar high on this series with the research put in and design aids used to maximize weight & functionality of the cranes.  Between these five series of articulating cranes you are sure to find the right crane for your business & North West Crane will ensure you end up with the proper configuration that best suits your needs.