7000 Series

13 - 18 TM Cranes

Click the link below to veiw the new line including the new magic touch technology!  Note: The new technology is only available on select cranes, call for details!

7000 B Series Cranes (13-16TM)

The 7000 B series cranes are designed to be cost effective cranes that are reliable.

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7000 C Series Cranes (13-18TM)

The 7000 C series cranes are designed to be high performace, double linkage cranes. This allows for more boom options (i.e. longer reach). This series also is equipped with negative boom angle which allows the crane to pick under over head doors and many other over head obstructions.

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7000 D Series Cranes (13-16TM)

The 7000 D series cranes are designed to be compact and easy to use. These cranes are also the cheapest option for the 7000 series but note very few hydraulic extesnions can be added and there are no manual boom options.

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7000 SC Series Cranes (13-16TM)

The 7000 SC Series cranes are a short boom version of the 7000 C Series cranes and are designed for picking loads right behind the crane. The SC Series still has the negative boom angle which allow the crane reach under overheaad doors & many any other overhaed obstructions.

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